Ever since its establishment and having had catered to our happy and satisfied clients, we are now looking forward to expand and spread out our agency.

Not only do we offer our services, we are also active members in environmental sustainability projects and with diverse associations and foundations striving to make a better world. With this motive and humble intention, we look into every detail of your trip to ensure and guarantee that your stay in Bhutan will be a memorable one; be it a three-day visit or a weeklong visit.

Keeping in mind our vision of “value for money and clients satisfaction”, it is our aspiration and mission to provide our clients with a diverse travel package to choose from. We provide trekking and hiking, sightseeing, bird-watching, cultural tours, religious tours, nature tours or even if you want to unwind yourselves from your busy life and just immerse yourselves and be one with Bhutan’s untainted environment and undiluted culture and traditions.

The comprehensive philosophy of “Bhutan Tourer” here comes with our aspiration and perseverance to being able to execute and fulfill your needs and wants. We want our customers to take home a very resonant experience and memories from Bhutan. It is our desire to create a burning passion in the hearts and minds of our clients to want to visit Bhutan again.


Bhutan, also known as Druk Yul (druk meaning dragon and yul meaning place) – The land of the Peaceful Dragon has always fascinated people from far and wide. The Buddhist kingdom located high in the Himalayas, rich in culture and tradition, has always been an eye-candy for travelers. Travelers are known to refer to this part of the world and to Bhutan in particular, as the ‘Land of mist and mysticism.’ So mysterious and enigmatic was the place that people left with a feeling of unusual high and awe.

Not just a mathematical function of high price and opulence, we deliver as promised on ‘quality promise’ that encompasses exclusivity and excellence. We also provide services and amenities that will contribute to your unique “Bhutan Tourer” experience.